We are dedicated to helping those who are hurting.

Anyone who has been affected by domestic violence, human trafficking, homicide or any other violent crimes.

We want to restore hope, safety and freedom from violence.

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We Are Here to Listen

Any time, any day – call us.  Always free, always confidential.  We’re here for you.

Professional Staff

Our advocates have gone through many hours of training to best serve all victims and survivors. They value your trust.

Compassionate & Confidential

We genuinely believe that everyone deserves a life free from violence. Safety and confidentiality are high priorities. If you need help, we’re here for you.

How you can restore hope and safety for others


What Is Advocacy?

Advocacy is a word we use often when we describe the work we do.  When you open an FCC brochure, it’s listed right there as one of our services.  So… what does it mean, exactly?

The answer to that is endless. There are so many things our staff do to help the people we serve. Advocacy for one person can look completely different for another.  The things we do one day can be completely different the next. Advocacy, for us, is as unique as the individuals we serve. It is what we do to ensure the people we help have the tools and resources necessary to protect their[...]