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On A Mission to Change the World

We want to help people who have experienced abuse and crime. We believe every person deserves love and kindness, but we know that isn’t what everyone gets. That’s why we want to be here to help people through the trauma and pain that results from domestic violence, human trafficking, homicide, and so many other crimes. Through our services, we hope to empower people to live a life free from violence.

We want to walk alongside others and encourage safety, healing, and freedom. Every service we offer is tailored to meet the needs of each individual who seeks our help. Our advocates are highly-trained and skilled at helping people through their unique situations. Our goal is to make sure people are supported through their whole well-being, so we’ll walk alongside each person for as long as they want us to. We’re experts when it comes to helping people navigate abuse and crime. But we know each person reaching out to us is the expert when it comes their life, so we’ll follow their lead and support their choices.

We think this is really important too: everything we do for people is completely free. We will never charge for our services because we don’t want money to be a barrier for anyone in need of help. We’re also completely confidential, so no one has to worry about us sharing any information.

Domestic Violence

Our advocates help people who are experiencing domestic violence within their current relationships, as well as people trying to recover from past abusive relationships. We help people explore their options and heal from their trauma. We help them as they are dealing with the effects of their abuse outside the home, including at work, school, and more.

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is an issue everywhere. It happens in small towns and big cities. It happens in the United States and other countries. It absolutely happens in Iowa, so that’s why we want to be here to help people through it. We can help anyone who has experienced either sex trafficking or labor trafficking.

Housing & Homelessness

Our housing services help victims who are fleeing violence and people experiencing homelessness. We help people find safe, stable housing while providing them with emergency shelter when fleeing domestic violence. We walk alongside them to maintain their housing independently by helping them budget, find employment and childcare if needed, and much more. We get people started by providing security deposits and rent with the ultimate goal of helping people maintain their new, safe housing independently.

Homicide and other Crimes

Homicide & Other Crimes

Our advocates help surviving family members and friends of homicide victims. We help them throughout the court process by attending trials and communicating with law enforcement. We’re also able to help people through some emotionally difficult aspects of experiencing homicide, like listening to 911 calls and reviewing body cam footage from the responding officers. Additionally, we help victims of crime navigate trials, apply for crime victim compensation, provide emotional support, and much more.

Family Visitations & Exchanges

Adult problems like divorce, domestic violence, and substance abuse can affect children. We developed a visitation & exchange center to help children have meaningful connections with their parents as they work through these life problems. Our center also provides an opportunity for children to maintain connections with other family members. We’re able to help ensure each child feels physically and emotionally safe to positively impact their experiences.

Statewide Hotline

We operate a call center that serves the state of Iowa and operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our advocates answer calls from people in all 99 counties. They complete extensive training to help callers with any abuse or crime they may be experiencing, such as domestic violence, human trafficking, elder abuse, sexual abuse, homicide, and so much more. We have a comprehensive database of every resource in Iowa to help connect people with their local resources, including homeless shelters, food banks, victim service programs, and more.

Advocacy at Health Clinics

We have advocates in medical clinics with intentions to expand to more facilities. By providing services within the medical clinic, people can meet with an advocate in a more discreet way. People can access services without the person who causes them harm knowing about it.