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Gifts of Grain

Gifts of Grain Can Be A Great Way to Help Others

Grain farmers are an essential part of the world as they help nourish and enrich the lives of many. At Family Crisis Centers, we want to nourish and enrich the lives of others, too. We do that in our own way by encouraging safety, healing, and freedom from violence. We believe we can work together to help others. If you consider donating a gift of grain directly to Family Crisis Centers, it can have significant tax benefits for you.

Gifting Grain is Simple and Rewarding

Gifts of grain are often an underutilized way to make a charitable gift. It can be a great way to invest in our mission and achieve tax savings. When you gift grain directly to a charitable organization like Family Crisis Centers, you can avoid the sale which results in income. This can reduce your taxable income, potentially lessening the amount of income tax and self-employment tax owed. It’s also possible that you could still deduct the production costs associated with growing the donated grain.

Talk to Your Accountant or Tax Advisor

We know that everyone’s tax situation is different, so we recommend talking to your tax professional. We don’t provide tax advice at Family Crisis Centers. Your tax professional can give you advice that pertains to you and your situation. It’s best to talk to them before making any gifts of grain so that you can give with confidence knowing it’s the right decision for you.