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Advocacy at Health Clinics

partner with doctors and nurses

Helping People in a Healthcare Setting 

We have advocates in medical and mental health clinics to provide people with another way to access services. We knew people were being referred to us from their healthcare provider, but sometimes it was difficult to take that next step of reaching out to us. We wanted to make it easier to take that next step by meeting people where they were at.

Another benefit of providing services within a healthcare setting is people can meet with an advocate in a more discreet way. People can access services without the person who causes them harm knowing about it because it seems like a regular healthcare appointment. For people who face barriers seeking services in more traditional ways, this can be a good option.  

Partnering with Doctors and Nurses 

Another goal of our Advocacy in Health Clinics service is to partner with doctors and nurses to assess for trauma. When a patient comes in experiencing depression, anxiety, or other symptoms, we want to help get to the root cause of those symptoms. Assessing for trauma can help determine if a person is experiencing violence in the home or if they’ve been a victim of a violent crime.

Female medical practitioner reassuring a patient

While doctors and nurses help with the physical symptoms, we can step in and help with the trauma they’ve experienced. We developed a screening tool for medical providers to use in their assessment. If you’re a medical provider and want to talk about our services or the screening tool, please contact us.