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Corporate Partnerships

we can do great things together

About Our Corporate Partnership Program 

Many experts believe investing in employees is not only wise but incredibly beneficial.

Why is it important to reach employees in the workplace? There are so many people experiencing abuse at home who feel safest at work. Work becomes a refuge from the painful experiences at home. By working together, we can reach people you may not know need support.     

Why We’re Right for the Job 

Family Crisis Centers makes the community stronger in so many ways. We provide a safety net for individuals and families experiencing violence. We help reduce the number of people experiencing homelessness. We provide a safe place for children to experience healthy and meaningful connections with people in their life, affecting change on a generational level. We’re giving people the resources they need to rebuild and thrive within their communities. We truly believe we can do great things together.  You can walk alongside us in this journey. 

What You’ll Get as a Corporate Partner 

We could simply ask you for a financial gift. But we knew there were benefits we could bring to the table, so we developed this corporate partnership program to be mutually beneficial. In addition to helping us reach more people in need of help and positively impacting the community, we think you’ll gain:  

  • Enhanced trust from the community for your commitment to helping some of its most vulnerable citizens.  
  • Recognition from your employees as being committed to their whole well-being, both professionally and personally. 
  •  Employee engagement through our volunteer benefits.  
  • Tax deductions for your generous gift.  
  • Publicity for your commitment to supporting our mission and the people we serve.  
  • Satisfaction in knowing you’re giving back to people in need in the community, likely within your workplace.  

If you’re ready to learn more, please contact us at 712-722-4404 and ask to talk about the Corporate Partnership program.  

Diamond Partners

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Platinum Partners 

Consider joining us as a corporate partner. Contact us today and learn more about this partnership level.

Gold Partners 

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Silver Partners 

Consider joining us as a corporate partner. Contact us today and learn more about this partnership level.