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Letter to Teens: What I Wish I Had Known About Love

To my lovestruck teenage friends: First off, I’m not judging you. After all, I was you for a lot of years. And if I’m honest, sometimes I still fall into your dreamy, can’t-see-past-that-gorgeous-smile ways. I know you want to be in love. And I’m sure this guy or girl in your life seems like the best thing to ever […]


When Home Isn’t Safe

We’re pretty good at safety in the US. We teach our kids to look both ways before crossing the road. We tell them not to talk to or take candy from a stranger. We lock our homes and cars, put up cameras, and install alarm systems. As an added layer of security, some of us […]

PIcture of an empty office

An Office Tour at FCC 

Never underestimate the impact your light can have on this world.  There are people working to oppress and abuse anyone they can, and there are too many people standing by quietly, hoping it doesn’t happen to them or someone they love.