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What Can I Do To Help?

What can you do to help the fight against human trafficking?

Maybe you’re thinking that you’re one person and you don’t see human trafficking in your community.  While it’s true that some victims may be kept behind locked doors, they are far more frequently hidden right in front of us.  And we know that human trafficking exists everywhere.  So don’t underestimate your ability to be part of the fight against human trafficking. 

Maybe there have been times that you have seen someone exhibiting some warning signs.  But you didn’t think of them as warning signs and you averted your eyes because you thought it was none of your business.  Next time, though, take more notice.  And if something doesn’t seem right, make a call to the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1 (888) 373-7888.  You can call anonymously and leave a tip.  You don’t have to give your name or identifying details.  You might be wondering – what if I’m wrong though?  Just remember – there’s zero risk in being wrong.   Because what if you’re right?  You could potentially rescue a life. 

Maybe you’ve seen someone that, based on their appearance, isn’t worthy of noticing.  You’ve labeled them a certain way because you feel as though they chose to get into substance abuse.  And that they chose a certain “career path” simply to fund their substance addiction.  But what if they didn’t choose that at all?  What if they are being forced to do this, day in and day out, and really need our help?

What’s the bottom line?  Take notice.  Be aware of what’s happening around you.  Don’t always assume that you know a person’s life decisions based on their appearance.  Learn the warning signs.  If you see something and your gut tells you it’s not right, make a call. 

Is there anything you shouldn’t do?  Yes.  Don’t attempt to confront someone you suspect of being a trafficker or try to alert a victim to your suspicions.  Because traffickers tactics of coercion and manipulation are so powerful, even if you attempt to talk to a potential victim, they might be too scared to accept your help.  Or if their trafficker is close by, it could jeopardize their safety as well as yours.